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Where you host your online project determines how much you can grow.

Why put any limits?

We have fast, secured and easy-to-manage hosting solutions for you, brought by HIT

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24/7 Security

Your data and work must be always safe, your clients’ too.

We take it very seriously. That’s why HIT provides extra security measures:

CloudFlare Integration

Looking to increase even more your speed? HIT integrates Cloudflare for your website. Make your web fly!


Pro Firewall

HIT has state-of-the-art protection measures, due to innovation and self-improved elements.

Daily Backups

Never lose your data. We make daily copies of all your data so, whatever happens, your work is always safe and saved.

Optimized for Speed

Loading speed is key for a succesful website. 

With HIT, you’ll get higher rankings for SEO and reduce your bounce rate:

Specialized in WordPress

If not addressed correctly, WordPress can hog your server resources. HIT has configured its servers for your favourite CMS, so it works to its full potential.

Server Efficiency

Shared hosting? No problem. Each user has its own space and resources, avoiding a third-party taking your speed away.


Free SSL

Having HTTPS protocols is a sign of a healthy and trustworthy website. HIT provides you a free private SSL certificate.

Easy and Intuitive

If you don’t have any previous experience with web development, don’t worry.

HIT has built an accessible and easy-to-use plattform. It allows you to easily:

Build your own website. Fast and easy.

No coding skills required. Pick your template and build your website visually and with ease.


CMS Auto-Installer

Your WordPress, Joomla or favourite CMS, in just two clikcs. HIT provides you an easy-to-manage panel system.

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Data-loss protection

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Do you have a special request or technical issue? If you have any questions, why not contact our head developer?

Diego García

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My name is Diego and I manage the hosting services.

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