For Humans (and bots)

If you think that organic traffic is key: you’re absolutely right. We think so too.

We help you grow your online project and reach your target audience. Organically.

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Your site, optimized

We make your website clean, fast and easy-to-access by both users and search engines.

How? We audit your website, focusing on:

Site & URL Structure

Every page and link counts. How you structure them will determine their relevancy and accessibility.


Duplicate Content

Even though you’re not aware of it: it probably exists. In order to get your rankings higher, we simplify and clean your website.

Loading Time

WordPress can get very messy with all those plugins you’ve installed. We clean your code and only use the best plugins.

Your user, our focus

Websites are made for real people, not just bots. That’s why our SEO is for humans.

We’re obsessed over User Experience, so we take care of:

Organic CTR

How your rankings appear on Search Engines matters, a lot. We implement Schema Structured Data to show appealing ★ rich snippets.

Bounce Rate

User interaction counts. Once you get a visit, it is utmost important to make it count. We optimize your site for user interaction.

User Engament

Time and visits per session measure how engaged are your users. We focus on design and usability, so your users stay and return.

Your content, the key

After all, higher rankings rely on good content. Why is that so? Easy: good and useful content is relevant.

To outrank your competitors, your content must be more complete, useful and structured than theirs. How do we help you to achieve that task?

Content Strategy

Sometimes you have the right idea, but not enough amount. We help you to create long-term strategies for both users and search engines.

Content Optimization

Your content is already great, but it’s not ranking so well. We give you structure and focus on legibility, increasing engagement and rankings. 

SEO Workshops

Want to become an SEO yourself? We will gladly transfer our knowledge and help you become an independent SEO outranker!

Get your SEO up!

In other words, what do you get?

Higher rankings

Increased CTR

More Engagement

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Meet the Team

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Pedro Nicolás

Product manager

I aim to unravel the simplicity and the structure of the complexity.

I read Dante, and write in HTML and CSS.

Javier Olmedo, Product Manager at HADOQ

Think. Adapt. Overcome.


– Analysis

– Content Strategy


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